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Making the Folding Door Affordable!

Creating the “Affordable Folding Door” has been our driving mission from the beginning. While the popularity of wide-opening folding doors has grown over the years, high prices has prevented more people from enjoying them. That is why Magnaline was created. With the award winning Magnaline Sytems™ Hardware, folding doors are finally affordable!

How It Works

The Magnaline system can by used on door configurations of two or more panels. The primary design will have a swing door on one end and a series of panels beside it. Upon opening the swing door a space is created for the next panel over to slide. When the panel slides into place beside the open swing door, the panel itself converts to a swing door. Each panel in turn does the same. This all happens on a single track that supports the full weight of the door from beneath.

Hingeless Operation

If you look closely you will notice something missing on Magnaline™ powered doors…hinges! That’s right, with Magnaline™ you can have a folding door without bulky and costly hinges between each panel.

This means more flexibility in operation, lower cost to you and your clients, easier installation, and a cleaner sleeker design that enhances every room.


The Magnaline Systems™ vinyl door profile is a sleek profile that has mechanical corners rather than welded. This simplifies transport and construction. An added benefit is that the style and rail design gives the door a sophisticated look without welded corners.

Aluminum with eeCore™

The Magnaline Systems™ aluminum door with eeCore™ is our next generation aluminum door that meets or exceeds current energy codes across the country. With a u-Value of .32, the eeCore™ aluminum door is the perfect choice for all climates.